Pro Tip: Whispersync for Voice

Have you discovered this awesome service yet?

When you buy the Kindle edition of a book, often you are given the option of paying a little extra for the “Whispersync” feature. I don’t like whispering, and I’m suspicious of new things, so I didn’t opt in for a long time. But I finally tried it, and it’s helped me to read so much more!

Whispersync gives you a full audio version of the e-book you’ve just purchased. You can read on your kindle AND listen to the book through your Audible app, and the apps will talk to each other and keep up with your place even if you switch back and forth.

So you can sit on your couch and read quietly while your kids do their quiet play, and then when you throw them all in the car for afternoon errands, you can switch to the audio version and keep listening as your story unfolds. But when you pick your phone up to read a few more pages before bed, your Kindle app will ask if you want to skip to the place where you stopped listening in the car.

As with all digital media, the prices are sometimes a bit steep and sometimes a great bargain. But often I have found inexpensive audio add-ons paired with Kindle deals, making it possible to score an e-book and Audible file for less than $5 or $10.

Amazing Anna

Yeah it is!


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