The Light Between Oceans (M.L. Stedman)

[How I feel] In a word: Conflicted

But not about if I liked the book or not. I really loved it. This book was really interesting and well-structured, and I was totally wrapped into the story and characters. The thing that kept me conflicted was the possibilities of resolution. I had no idea how I wanted this book to end.

The Light Between Oceans tells the story of Tom, a hard-working, lighthouse keeper with some serious survivor’s guilt. He meets and marries Isabel and brings her to Janus Rock, the island where they live with only the lighthouse for company. One day, their lives change when a baby (and a dead man) wash up on shore. Isabel convinces Tom to delay reporting the baby for one day, then another, then another. Before long, they have fallen in love with the “orphaned” baby girl and decide to claim her as their own.

When they return to the  mainland, they find out that this little girl is someone’s baby who has been missing, but at that point, Tom and Isabel had let things go on too long.

The rest of the story plays out as the characters struggle between following their emotions or their morals. I was unsure if Stedman would wrap things up well, but I closed the book satisfied.

I definitely recommend The Light Between Oceans if you are looking for a summer book that is thought-provoking and  gripping without being scary or super intense!


Bonus: I didn’t even know this when I read it, but there is a movie of this coming out in September! I watched the trailer, and I think it will be great!


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