Kindle Readers’ Dilemma

Of course I prefer “real” books. The smell, the feel, the pages…you other book purists know all the arguments. But there’s something about the convenience of a digital book that can’t be denied. So I usually do try to have a few books loaded onto the Kindle app of my iPhone just in case I’m stuck somewhere with time to read.

Lots of great Kindle deals have been going on already this summer, and I’ve bought more than my usual amount, because we have a few family vacations coming up later in the summer. (I find that I am irrationally optimistic about how much reading I will actually do on vacation– between supervising the kids and, you know, spending time with family, there’s less alone time than I imagine!)

I have conflicted feelings about reading on my phone, especially around other people. The convenience does allow me to read more, and that’s a good thing. But I’m painfully aware that from everyone else’s perspective, I just look like just another screen-addicted millennial.

For that reason, I’d pay good money for someone to invent this iPhone case:

iphone case

Anyone with me?


3 thoughts on “Kindle Readers’ Dilemma

  1. What about listening to audiobooks on Audible with your phone?… Got my hair done this week and I started the appointment with, “how offended would you be if I listened to a book? Do you really enjoy talking to your clients?” She answered, “I like to listen!” …. Yeah, no. Earbuds in.


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