Leslie’s 2016 Reading Plan

Every January, I make a resolution to read more. Sometimes I choose categories like “Books I didn’t Read in High School” or “YA Series”, but more often, I don’t start with a plan at all. I have always loved reading and would call myself a reader, but sometimes months would go by without me really reading anything. This year, I was determined to find a new system that would actually work.

I had a few titles to start the year with, and at the end of January I looked at what I had read and made a more official plan. I decided that sticking with one category or book list was too limiting–too much of any genre gets stale, and I lose interest, plus I wanted flexibility to add in books that I heard about or discovered throughout the year.

I have four categories to make it through each month:

  1. Nonfiction

If something is a true story, I feel like I’m bettering myself for reading it. Sometimes I choose a Christian living book, sometimes it’s a celebrity memoir (not sure that counts in the ‘bettering myself’ department, but they are fun!), sometimes they are biographies or travel memoirs. There is more variety here than I expecte

2. YA Novel

I am a sucker for YA novels. I love a book that I can zoom through in a few hours that usually involves some ridiculous drama and a high probability of fantastic creatures. I don’t love all fantasy or novels, and I definitely wouldn’t want it to be my entire reading diet, but a little YA fun is a great break for one book per month. I also use this category to read any children’s lit that I missed (or have forgotten) and want to revisit. Now that my niece Abby is reading, I love the chance to talk about books with her!

3. Classic

Every time I see a list called “19 Books You Should Have Read in High School but Didn’t” or “53 Classics That Will Change Your life”, I realize how many great books I have not read. I started through a list last fall, and although I don’t love every book I’ve read from the genre, I almost always am still glad I read it.I feel like it does good things for my soul to read the same stories that people have been reading for years and years.

4. Adult Novel

This category is pretty self-explanatory. Most of my choices for this category come from What Should I Read Next podcast, best-seller lists, or friend recommendations. These are typically my favorite books each month. I have found some fun authors and enjoyed some really interesting stories!


So far, I am really loving this reading plan. It gives me enough variety to keep my reading life interesting, and my categories are broad enough to fit just about any book that comes my way. So far, I’ve read more than 4 books per month, and I’m hoping I can keep my momentum through December!


January (not pictured: Something Fresh by P.G. Wodehouse




March (not pictured: The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson, Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder)

Do you have a reading plan that works for you? Do you have any recommendations in any of these categories?


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