The Girl on the Train (Paula Hawkins)

In a word: Gripping
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I was completely drawn into this book. I took it with me on a weekend trip and spent the entire car ride ignoring my motion sickness so I could keep reading. I stayed with a friend and kept picking it up to read a few paragraphs anytime there was a lull in the conversation or she had to step out of the room for a second (sorry, Caty!). I stayed up past midnight (which I NEVER do) so I could finish it and get on with my life.

I had heard a lot about this book going in–most people agreed that it was a compelling story, but many of my friends didn’t walk away loving the book because the characters are all terrible. It is saying something if the character you are rooting for is a slightly-psychotic alcoholic. While I probably would not want to be friends with any of these characters, I really enjoyed reading about them. I think it is rare to feel so many emotions towards individual characters–I found myself being frustrated, sad, hopeful, and confused all in the same page. I was pleased by the characters’ development and growth.

I don’t think I am a hard-to-please reader. I clicked around a few reviews and saw that several people guessed the ending before the final plot twist. I did not. I don’t take much pleasure from figuring things out before I am supposed to, so I usually don’t think very hard about things as I’m reading. I do love being sucked in and left saying, “Woah, that was crazy!” at the end. If you do too, you will probably enjoy The Girl on the Train!

Also, there’s a movie coming out in a few months and it looks like it’s going to be done well!


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