Vision, Objectives, Good Intentions: Our First Post

Leslie and I have several posts sitting in the draft folder right this minute. But there’s something intimidating about publishing the Very First Words on a new blog. It seems like it needs some musical fanfare, some cork-popping, maybe some confetti or ceremonial ribbon-cutting.

Please imagine all of those things at this time.

Welcome to the World, Windows & Mirrors!

We’re excited to start filling up this space with lots of bookish chatter, including but not limited to: favorite quotes, exciting TBR ideas, (informal) reviews of books we’ve finished, pictures of books, and reflections on the reading life.

We’ve both been known to pick up a surprising title based on an interesting cover or persuasive recommendation, but our favorite genres are classics, historical fiction, literary fiction, beach reads, memoir, and YA novels. Leslie might read some fantasy; I almost certainly will not. You won’t find us talking much about sci-fi, horror, or anything that you could describe as “bleak,” “gritty,” or “edgy.” (I’m glad those books are out there, but they’re not windows I care to look through.)

This blog is best enjoyed with a cup of coffee, a sense of humor, and a grain of salt.



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